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The full interviews recorded for the project are here. Enjoy the film then come back here to listen to the full interview from your favourites or listen to the people who didn't make it into the final cut. There are many wonderful stories and lives we couldn't fit into the film, so there's lots still to explore.

Steve Cusion

Steve Cushion, On the buses 1975-94

Phil Barclay

Phil Barclay, On the buses 1967-83

Carl Scantlebury

Carl Scantlebury, On the buses 1962-ongoing

Ian Armstrong

Ian Armstrong, On the buses 1965-69

Len Page

Len Page, On the buses 1968-2015

Roy MacKenzie

Roy MacKenzie, On the buses 1976-91

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor, On the buses 1977-ongoing

Vicki Hayes

Vicki Hayes, On the buses -ongoing

Vic Turton

Vic Turton, On the buses 1962-2014

Simon Farnham Smith

Simon Farnham Smith, On the buses 1978-ongoing

Richard Wallace

Richard Wallace, On the buses 1971-75

Nick Agnew

Nick Agnew, On the buses 1969-2012

Mike Hawke

Mike Hawke, On the buses 1979-2015

Sylveria Baiao

Sylveria Baiao, On the buses 1999-ongoing

Bernie Page

Bernie Page, On the buses 1982-ongoing

Colin Stannard

Colin Stannard, On the buses 1964-2004

Lee Davis

Lee Davis, On the buses 1988-ongoing

Linda Porter

Linda Porter, On the buses 2001-ongoing

Terry Grant

Terry Grant, On the buses 1964-78

Karleen McPherson

Karleen McPherson, On the buses 1999-ongoing

Doreen Green

Doreen Green, Relative of bus workers

David Blythe

David Blythe, On the buses 1967-94

Baljinder Singh

Baljinder Singh, On the buses 1962-64

Alan Tyrrell

Alan Tyrrell, Passenger

Agnes Griffiths

Agnes Griffiths, On the buses 1974-2002

Roy Heath

Roy Heath, On the buses -ongoing